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Coppe and Sid

Creative duo

Gualtiero Coppe and Sid Fiz have been travelling extensively worldwide and have a long experience in both sales and product development. They spent the last 20 years working for the most acclaimed fashion brands and the best recognized design and quality eyewear Companies.

International collection

Each model is identified by a name of an international city to confirm the soul of this project and of his masters.

See frame LIS Lisbon 06

Meticulous Expertise

The collection is hand-made acetate and offers a range of original and exclusive color combinations. The “by fractioning” assembly of the latest Mazzucchelli acetate materials gives unique feature and sophistication.

See frame ATH Athens 06

Lapis Lazuli, an iconic stone

The insert of a Lapis Lazuli stone in the end-piece give an unique look and a contemporary luxury allure to this collection. Lapis Lazuli, a semi-precious stone used in jewelry, is considered the stone of truth and friendship.

See frames LHR London 02 (top) and HKG Hong Kong 03 (bottom)

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