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Key Optical Europe is a young, dynamic, and modern company, the descendant of four generations of eyewear manufacturers. A tradition that began in France in 1924 with Gustave Rege-Turo, our Italian great grandfather, an artisan who hand crafted spectacles using horn and tortoise shell as base materials. Up to this day, the fourth generation, Sabrina, has preserved this passion for eyewear.

Sabrina Régé-Turo


Sensual sophistication

The frames of the ÉTÉ collection present irresistibly chic and ultra feminine shapes combining finesse, transparency and soft eccentricity. These frames dress the eyes with charm and sensuality, a refinement confirmed in the choice of colors.

See frame Amirat Gufo

See frames Bourges Faraona et Cros Indigo from ÉTÉ collection and frame Cipro Brun from Plexi collection

Enhanced nature

Handcrafted ÉTÉ frames come in two remarkable collections:

  • The ÉTÉ collection is distinguished by an innovative approach based on an exclusive principle of plating and inclusion of feathers in cellulose acetate, a cotton based material, hypoallergenic. The feathers used are processed and colored pheasant feathers that come from a high fashion plumassier, based in Italy in the Apenines.
  • The Plexi collection is based on the use of plexiglass, a very transparent acrylic material that exalts engraving. Entirely hand made by using a milling cutter, without the use of molds or laser. Each frame expresses the art and craftsmanship of the artisan in the manner of a work of art.
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