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“Being a creator today means not being subject to current trends, but rather composing with them, inventing beyond and innovating continuously, with patience and determination.”

– Pierre Cariven

Determination and Innovation

Pierre Cariven made a name for himself as a designer of eyewear through determination and innovation. After several years in the United States where he discovered the world of optics and notably contributed to the “Lacoste”, “L’Amy” and “Nina Ricci” collections, he returned to France to launch his business.

Pierre and his wife Marilyn

An inspired approach

Pierre Eyewear presents a unique collection, where art and utility come together. Each frame is designed to be both a beautiful object ergonomic and comfortable. A perfect harmony between elegance and simplicity.

Manufactured with skill

Recognized for their exceptional quality around the world, Pierre Eyewear frames are designed and manufactured in France by craftsmen who care about details and are equipped with advanced technologies.