M.A.G. International presents

Their eyewear collections from European Creators’

Unique Creators’ Eyewear

M.A.G. International specializes in the import and exclusive distribution of European Creators’ frames. They are: Coppe Sid, Été, Pierre Eyewear, VM L’Atelier and Vuillet Vega.

Trendy Creators’ frames

M.A.G. International proposes frame collections to perfectly suit your customers. Each frame is distinguished by a thorough creative process, and careful and avant-garde design by each of the Creator.

See the frames Macon Zigolo by Été and Sign 5650-27 by Vuillet Vega

Listening to your needs

Concerned about your entire satisfaction, M.A.G. International makes every effort to provide you with unique and quality European eyewear collections accompanied by quality service. Listening to your requests, Ginette and Marie-Chantal are available to give advice on all aspects of your frame purchases.