Covid-19: Disinfecting process

How to prevent damaging your High Resolution 3D print frame?

3 options are available:


Wash with a liquid soap:

  • Rinse your frame under luckwarm water
  • Put a few drops of liquid soap on the frame
  • Meticulously rub the frame for 30 seconds
  • Rinse
  • Dry with a paper towel



  • Wash your hands first
  • Two possibilities :
    • Use a spray with 70° alcool (isopropylique)
      • Spray directly on the frame
      • Dry with a paper towel
    • Or use wet wipes with alcool
      • Meticulously clean everywhere the frame


Disinfect with a UV-C 254 nm Sterilizer:

Put the frame in the unit for 10 minutes to maximize the disinfection